russian model Mariya Dvoryanskaya in sexy photosession

photo: Dmitry Tsvetkov

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Mountain hiking trail by Thomas (2012)

Ganzi Zangzu, Sichuan, China

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asimetrías desérticas on Flickr.

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Agent Provocateur SS2014 ‘Gloria’ Line

Photographer: Miles Aldridge

Model: Hailey Clauson

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Porsche 904 Carrera

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Spoiled | Ana | Incomplete




From all he had gathered, Ana never was the one at a loss for words. Any silence in a conversation on her part was done so decidedly. Undoubtedly, it was a strength (and hot as hell) that drew him in from the beginning. Nonetheless, seeing her struggle for control warmed him. She felt so natural and real—a small glow…

An aired laugh followed her tiny comment. They were five-year-olds in the branches of a family oak. “I like purple too,” he smiled reassuringly.  In a hushed tone, he quickly added, “But my favorite’s green.”


Pulling back, he wore a secret smile at the speckles of green in her eyes. 

It was unlike her to stumble over her words or to do something so frivolous and silly as blush, yet she was doing both. Charm was something she encountered all of the time in the men she associated with enough to consider friends but what she felt when around Owen was more than that. It could only be described by the most childish of words - a crush.


His laugh caused butterflies, that smile made it hard to focus on or keep any coherent thoughts in her mind. Very easily he made her go from an over 700 year old demonic hybrid to a little girl with starry eyes and nervous smiles. Her blush deepened at the obvious compliment to the shade of her eyes, a soft laugh her only response. “That’s good to know, since I wear green quite often. At least I know I have something about me you’d admire enough to consider a favorite.”

All right, there were a million man-feels when she smiled, not gunna lie, and homie can’t deny. He considered her flushed cheeks an accomplishment. How often did she did do that? God, how long would it last? He wanted to take her hand but feared it would overwhelm her.

Words rallied up and defended their fortress; she spoke more easily. “I would not be opposed to waking up to them every morning, if that is what you mean.”

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